About Avery

AveryAvery is a brindle boxer with some slight flash (the white parts).  He’s a rescue that we adopted from an organization in Denver, in January of 2013.

We have to guess at his age but we place it to be around 4 years old.  After living with him, it was clear that he was mostly an outside dog and not used to being in a house.  We had to potty train him which he picked up really quickly.  We also had to introduce him to toys and what a fantastic thing a dog bed is!

Now he loves to snuggle on beds with blankets and sleep with his stuffie toys.

Avery is a pretty amazing dude and he has lots to teach us about dog training and dog behavior.

He is on-leash-reactive towards other dogs and we are constantly working with him to help him understand there are other more appropriate ways to act around other dogs.  However, he is not dog aggressive and loves to play.  He goes to play group once a week and he is also the inspiration for creating Social Tails, our dog walking group.

We are also working on his separation anxiety and general anxiety issues.

He’s fantastic in the house and loves to meet other people.

I hope you stick around and follow us on this new adventure!