Avery At Oskar Blues

Oskar Blues SiloTo celebrate Avery’s big success with his playgroup testing, we made a pit stop on the way home.

Oskar Blues!

The restaurant (and brewery) isn’t far from the shelter and they had a great outdoor seating area that was empty that afternoon.

We asked if we would be able to bring our dogs out to the patio area while we had a beer and they had no problem with that.  Hooray!

This was Avery’s first time out at a brewery and he did such a great job, making us more proud of him!

Avery and Clover at Oskar BluesAvery and Clover are old friends by this point and he has no reactivity towards her.  We soaked up the sun and had a couple of brews.  Overall Colorado is a big dog-friendly state and dogs are accepted at most places.

Avery and Clover at Oskar BluesAvery and Clover can both be reactive towards things they haven’t experienced before and both of them did so well on Wednesday.  They handled people and kids walking out to the back.  A worker walking around with huge table umbrellas and even another dog that showed up.  Avery only had a slight reaction to that but we were able to get his attention and he eventually lost interest in the other dog.

Avery at Oskar BluesHe had such a good time yesterday being out in the sun and hanging out with Clover!  We’re working up to exposing him to more and more situations like this.  He loves being around people and I know that he’ll really enjoy being able to go out with us.

Do you take your dog on outings around town?


  1. Awww that’s so great! :)

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