Avery Is Pretty In Blue

Avery in the snowWe adopted Avery right in the middle of winter and I didn’t have much in the house for him except a few bowls and some towels.  I was in the process of purchasing items but some things I couldn’t get until we got him home and I knew his measurements.

When Rocky passed we donated all of his stuff to shelters and rescues.  That’s 11 years worth of dog stuff!  Fortunately for us and Avery, one of the items that didn’t get donated was Rocky’s old jacket.  It got packed up with the winter stuff in prep for our move and that stuff got packed up before he passed away.

It was bittersweet pulling it out again because it brought back a lot of memories but I was thankful to have it because Avery needed it.  Not long after we brought him home, we got hit with some cold weather.  Since he was underweight and is also a short haired dog, he needs some protection from the cold.

I wasn’t sure if it would work but it fits him like a glove!

One of my favorite companies for dog gear is RuffWear.  This jacket is a Ruff Wear jacket, it’s an older model of this jacket.  Their stuff lasts a long time and is very durable!

Rocky had this jacket for about 7 years and it’s seen a lot of weather plus has been washed many times.  You can see it still looks brand new.

Avery in his jacket

The jacket is easy to get on and off, no fussing with arm holes or anything like that.  Just over the head and then buckle close.  It is great for keeping the dog warm and is super water resistant and has reflective piping for nighttime or early morning walks.  And you can just toss it in the washer when it needs freshening up.

I’ll be getting Avery a new jacket to call his own but for now this is working for us.

Avery in his jacket

RuffWear makes a lot of gear that I adore and I’ll be sharing more about those items as well!

Does your dog wear a jacket? What do you do to help protect them from cold weather?


Disclaimer: This was purchased by me and this is not a sponsored post. RuffWear has no idea who I am. I just happen to be a huge fan of their products.


  1. I think Avery is proud to wear something that belonged to Rocky. He knows you had Rocky and is quite honored that Rocky was willing to share so he didn’t have to be cold.
    He looks quite handsome in the blue. Anna always wore red. She even had a red Coach necklace (colar). She loved wearing jackets. It was her favorite part of winter.

  2. Avery looks so good – I’m sure Rocky would approve! :)

    Oh and Daisy has a Ruff Wear jacket too – it’s super cute (full of Xs and Os) and it fits her to a T. Plus you’re right, they’re incredibly durable. I know some people think it’s silly when dogs wear clothing but Daisy doesn’t have a double coat to protect her and she’s so little and close to the ground – all of that can make for one cold dog. Throw the Vancouver rain on top of that, and I have to put a jacket on Daisy to make sure she doesn’t freeze!!!

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