Avery’s Milestone Day

Avery and CloverAvery is on-leash reactive towards other dogs.  Sometimes he can react to people as well but that is becoming less and less of an issue as he gets used to people being out and about.

The reaction to dogs is something we are actively working on. We have been working with a trainer for the past 6 weeks to learn how to handle his reactivity.

Avery is not dog aggressive.  He wants to meet and play with other dogs desperately and since he was never taught on-leash manners before he becomes frustrated that he just can’t walk right up to a dog any time he wants.

Last week was a huge day for him. During our training session we were able to get him to greet our trainer’s dog (Clover) as politely as he could while he was on-leash and then walk away.  We did this several times and once he had a chance to interact with her, his reaction to her vanished.

It got to a point that they were able to be next to each other and Avery was as calm as if this happens everyday.

Avery and Clover on leashI apologize for my outfit. Had I known that Avery would be a rockstar that day and we’d be getting our pictures taken, I would have dressed up!

Avery did amazing and then the two dogs were able to have a play session in the backyard.

Avery and Clover in the backyardAvery was a perfect gentleman and totally acted appropriately with Clover.  Of course he wanted to box and wrestle, but she did not and he didn’t force the issue.  She wanted to run and chase and so that’s what he did.

Avery and Clover in the snowThey also took appropriate play breaks, shared a water bowl, and had no issue with treats being handed out to each other.

She’s a few years younger than him, and my old man was worn out by the end of the day!

He did awesome and I’m so proud of him!

This week we are going down to Longmont Humane Society which has an amazing behavioral department.  We’re going to set Avery up in a playgroup type situation and see how he handles being around multiple dogs and what kinds of dogs he prefers.  Basically just to get a better idea of his personality around different kinds of dogs.

We’re hoping to be able to get Avery into some doggie daycare a couple times a week and this is kind of a baby step towards that.  Being around other dogs makes him so happy and I think it would be really beneficial for him to get some playtime in. I also feel like it would help his reactivity in a positive way.

Last week provided us with a chance to see that all Avery wants is to play and say hello but he never learned how. With training, I know we can work him through this and he’ll learn his manners.


  1. That’s so encouraging! Yay, Avery! We are hoping for similar improvements in Pyrrha’s behavior, particularly since this is a new issue for us.

    • Abby, Since Pyrrha was already there before I have no doubts that you guys will be able to get her there again. :)

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