Bro Weekend

Horses at Kindness RanchAvery and Scott had a nice bro weekend while I was away with some friends.

I went with a group of ladies to no-where Wyoming to visit a ranch that specializes in rehabbing animals used in research facilities.

All of us are workers or volunteers with Animal House and so we thought that it would be fun to get away for the weekend to visit with others who are also in the animal rescue world.

It was a pretty amazing weekend and I’ll share more about my experience later this week.

This was the first time I left Avery and left Scott fully in charge of taking care of him.  Both did really well!  Our previous dog would pout and mope if I left him.  Avery did great and acted like it was totally normal for mama to leave for days at a time.

Since the location of the ranch was pretty remote, I didn’t have cell phone service (only folks with Verizon got service) which was good because that meant I couldn’t be obsessive with checking in on them.

It was a good experience for Avery because not only was I gone but he also was crated while Scott went out with friends.  That may not sound like a big deal, but Avery doesn’t generalize at all.  We have to treat every new situation as just that, NEW.

Mama gone + being crated = new situation

He did well! The first time he did pull a sheet into his crate but he didn’t chew it or pee on it.  I don’t know what he did with it actually.  The second night he didn’t touch the sheet, which means the second time went better than the first.  Whoo!

It was a great weekend for everyone and boy was I glad to see this goofball when I got home!

Avery being silly


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