Avery At Oskar Blues

Oskar Blues SiloTo celebrate Avery’s big success with his playgroup testing, we made a pit stop on the way home.

Oskar Blues!

The restaurant (and brewery) isn’t far from the shelter and they had a great outdoor seating area that was empty that afternoon.

We asked if we would be able to bring our dogs out to the patio area while we had a beer and they had no problem with that.  Hooray!

This was Avery’s first time out at a brewery and he did such a great job, making us more proud of him!

Avery and Clover at Oskar BluesAvery and Clover are old friends by this point and he has no reactivity towards her.  We soaked up the sun and had a couple of brews.  Overall Colorado is a big dog-friendly state and dogs are accepted at most places.

Avery and Clover at Oskar BluesAvery and Clover can both be reactive towards things they haven’t experienced before and both of them did so well on Wednesday.  They handled people and kids walking out to the back.  A worker walking around with huge table umbrellas and even another dog that showed up.  Avery only had a slight reaction to that but we were able to get his attention and he eventually lost interest in the other dog.

Avery at Oskar BluesHe had such a good time yesterday being out in the sun and hanging out with Clover!  We’re working up to exposing him to more and more situations like this.  He loves being around people and I know that he’ll really enjoy being able to go out with us.

Do you take your dog on outings around town?

Sunday Sun

Avery in the backyardSunday showed up with the most amazing weather.  It was warm, sunny, and no breezes to muck things up.

We decided to have a lazy day and enjoy the weather as best we could.

We started off the morning laying in the sun and drinking coffee.  Then we had some lunch and went back outside to hang out some more.

We did take the chance to work on Avery’s down/stay for a couple of minutes making a game out of it.  Never pass up an opportunity to train and make it fun!

He also got to run around the yard and enjoy himself.

Avery mid-run

I’m pretty pleased I was able to snap a picture of him mid-run!  Whooo!

Then we grilled out and spent the rest of the evening outside until the sun went down.  It was lovely!  We are all very much ready for spring and summer.  I’m also ready to see some green! Tired of all the brown and blah.

How was the weather for you over the weekend? Did you get to enjoy some outside time?

Winter Redux

Avery in the snowJust as we started talking about spring, winter came back like a bad habit.  It started snowing on Friday and by Saturday morning we were seeing accumulation and a pretty significant down-pouring of snow.

I turned on the fireplace and made a full pot of strong coffee.

I was wondering how the pup was going to do in this weather because Avery tends to be very picky about snow.

It took some convincing to get him out that morning and even more convincing to stay out long enough to go #2.  He was less than pleased.

Avery doesn’t mind snow but when it’s actively snowing a lot and there’s a wind to go with it, he’d rather pass on experiencing it.  Thanks so much.

This meant that we had to stay inside all snug on Saturday and do some mental games to keep us from being bored to tears.

In total we got about 8 inches of snow which is the most snow we’ve gotten at one time this year so far.  I hope it’s the last but who knows, apparently Fort Collins weather is even more crazy than Columbus, Ohio’s weather.

By Sunday it was done snowing and it was fun to be outside again!

Avery and Scott in the snowThe backyard was shoveled to make paths so that Avery could walk around and have places to go potty without having to stick his bits in a snowdrift.  I always feel bad for dogs when the owners make them go out in a bunch of snow to go potty. One of the dogs that lives behind us is a little shihzu looking munchkin and I have no idea how he manages in this much snow.

With snow in the backyard and only a couple of paths to run, this of course makes a less than perfect zoomie environment.  Poor Avery was reduced to doing zoomies in the house this weekend.

Avery zoomie with toyAvery ZoomieSo we did zoomies and played some mental games until we wore ourselves out.

Avery cuddles How was your weekend? Did you see any new snow in your neck of the woods?


Spring Time

Avery smelling charcoal Happy Spring!  The sun is shining and the birds are singing.  This is our first Spring in Colorado and it’s a little different than what we’re used to.

I can tell it’s Spring because the birds are singing more and the geese are starting to pair up and go off for a little QT.  Big indicators that the weather is about to change.

However in Ohio I would have seen some starts on trees and possibly some flowers starting to pop up by this point.  Here everything is still brown and dead looking.  Eeep!

We hope to do more grilling and chilling outside this year.  With Avery being so laid back while he’s in the backyard that means we can all be outside enjoying the sun and warm weather together.

I’ll get him an outside dog bed so he has a comfy spot to lay on if he doesn’t want to lay in the grass.

I look forward to mornings and evenings spent outside!

Is the weather changing where you are?  Do you have outdoor space that you can enjoy?

Sun Dog

Avery laying in the sunAvery loves the sun.  Loves. It.  I feel so bad for him too because our rental barely gets any sun during the day.

The house unfortunately faces north and south with only one pathetic window on the west side.

This window along with a window that faces south are Avery’s only source of sunlight through out the day.

Sometimes he’ll pace and whine a little bit if the sun isn’t around.  Maybe it’s a cloudy day or maybe it isn’t time for the sun to hit the room just yet.

On occasion he’ll ask to go outside just so he can lay in the sun.

He follows the sun around the living room and has no issues getting into the weird spots.

Avery in the sun on the loveseatSometimes we have to remove the cushions off the back of the loveseat so he can get more sun.

Avery SleepingLaying in the sun is the best ever!

I do wish that we had a sunnier house.  Avery isn’t the only one who likes a nice bright room.

Avery in the sunUntil then, we’re just going to have to make do with the little sunbeam that we do get.

First BBQ Of The Year

Avery on the patioWe have been experiencing some amazing weather this week.  Perhaps this is normal? I don’t know since this is our first Spring in Fort Collins but I’ll take it.  It’s been sunny and in the 60s outside.

Yesterday was the best with the wind finally calming down to a gentle breeze.

We took advantage of this awesome weather by busting out the grill for the first time this year.

Of course we had to inspect all the things to make sure they were in proper working order.

Avery smelling charcoal “Okay Dads, this charcoal seems like it’s alright.”

Avery smelling the grill grate“Yeah, I think that is safe to grill with.”

Avery smelling the grill chimney“Okay you can use this.”

Then we went to the fence to go say hi to our friends in the back.

Avery at the backfence And then we got to hang around outside for the rest of the evening while we waited on the coals to heat up.

Avery walking in the backyardIt was lovely out and it was nice to be able to relax outside for a couple of hours.

Avery does really well in the backyard.  He gets along with the two dogs that live behind us and with the older dog that lives to the right.  He will walk over to say “Hi” and then move along to something else.

Being able to hang out on the patio enjoying the weather is a wonderful thing to be able to do with your dog.

I look forward to a lot more backyard time with Avery this spring and summer.

Hillbilly Raised Dog Feeder

Avery, waiting for food to appearHillbilly might not be the right term here.  Perhaps, “Boozey Suburbanite” would be better?

Either way, Avery is currently using a “raised feeder” for his meals and his water.

My personal opinion for the moment is that larger dogs who can drink and eat out of a raised feeder are more comfortable.  Seeing a larger dog bend and crouch way down just to take a drink, to me, looks awkward and uncomfortable for the dog.

I’m currently researching the benefits of raised feeders and whether it’s a good thing or not.   For now we are using one with Avery.

Well sort of.

You wouldn’t think that I would have a problem finding a raised feeder but, well, I am.

For whatever reason, feeders have become super expensive.  A basic wire feeder that is the height and size that I need is close to $80.

Maybe I’m overreacting but dang, that seems like a really high price for something so basic.

I mean, I’m not looking for anything fancy like a wood stand stained in cherry with his name etched on the side.

He’s too messy for that.

I just want a simple wire stand that is about 11.5 inches high and can hold a 2 quart stainless steel bowl.

Avery Side viewWhat we are using right now is an upside down wine box.  This is where the “Boozey Suburbanite” comes in.

Hey, it works!

It’s 11.5 inches high so it’s the perfect height.  Scott traced one of Avery’s dog bowls on the bottom of the box and then cut a hole out.

Flip the box over so the bottom is on top, and that’s where the bowl goes.

The bowls get placed down on the box and they are stable enough that Avery can’t tip them over when he’s rooting around for more food.

The top is sealed up with packing tape so that it’s “waterproof” and we can wipe it off with out risk of ruining the box.

Avery doesn’t care. That’s where the food and water go so to him it’s perfect.

Meanwhile, we’ll just use this contraption for now and I’ll keep shopping and looking for that elusive feeder.

Best Birthday Present Ever

Avery in the sunAvery is the best birthday present I could asked for.

He was the dog that wasn’t meant to be.  He wasn’t even the dog we drove down to Denver to see but he was the dog we were drawn too and fell for.

He was the dog with all the “issues” leaving us wondering if we could properly care for him.

I’m so glad that we didn’t give up on this guy when we were feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I’ve realized that Avery came into our life because he’s totally supposed to be here.

Avery being silly

He had a very rough start to life and deserves a much better second half.

He’s the best dog and the perfect fit for us.

Thank you Avery for rescuing us.

Snugs with AveryBest present ever.


Snuggle Trap

Avery SnugglingScott and I were in two different parts of the house chatting via Skype (What, don’t all married couples do that?) and this was our most recent conversation.

Me: Are you ready for your second cup of coffee?

Him: Yes!

Me: Can you make it? I’m stuck.

Him: Snuggle trap?

Me: YES! Snuggle trap!

Avery’s most favorite thing to do is to lay with you.  Snuggle and be as close as possible to you.  If you’re on the couch then he wants to be on the couch right on top of you.

I admit that both of us love this right now.  Rocky snuggled a little but Avery wins the gold medal.

Avery will full on pass out on you.  You can move him around, lift his head up, and have him switch positions all without him even waking up.

He doesn’t care as long as he’s on the couch with you.

Standing up he’ll lean on you with all of his body weight.

Touching you and being next to you is the most important thing in the world.

Love snuggle traps!

Gummy Old Man

Avery post dental surgeryWhen we brought Avery home, one of the first things that I noticed right away was that he is not a big chewer.

He wasn’t interested in chewing hard things like a nylabone for very long and he even really didn’t seem interested in chewing kibble.


Most dogs love to chew stuff and it’s a great workout for them.  It exercises their jaw, is a stress reliever, and is very relaxing for them.

Dogs chew.  Plain and simple.

So when Avery didn’t chew, I suspected something was up with his teeth.

He would play with stuffies and didn’t mind if you touched his mouth.  In fact he loves if you touch his mouth especially during play. He starts making wookie sounds and getting really excited (boxers are vocal dogs so this is normal!).

While playing with him I noticed that one of his front fangs was snapped in half.  That sealed it, I knew that something was going on with his mouth.

At his first vet visit I brought up my concerns and asked the vet to look his mouth over closely.  The vet (who is awesome and so is the clinic) confirmed what I had suspected, Avery had some severe dental issues that needed addressed.

He went in earlier this week, on Monday, for surgery.  The vet was able to take X-rays and get a full look at what was going on in his mouth.

Avery’s canines (the “fangs”) were all worn down with the right top one snapped in half.  A lot of his front teeth are worn down as well.

Most likely the cause of this is from him chewing on something that he shouldn’t have been chewing on.  Think like a chain or perhaps a wire cage.

We already know that Avery didn’t have the best start to life and this confirms our suspicions that he was confined at some point for long periods of time.

The result is that Avery needed to have 7 teeth removed.  The snapped canine had the root exposed and had an abscess behind it.

Then all of his little teeth at the bottom between his two bottom canines were all loose and had abscesses as well.

All his other canines, while worn way down, were fine and just need a little sealant and some bonding.

Poor guy!

When we picked him up that day, the vet’s office gave him a shamrock bandana to wear home because he was such a good boy.  So cute!

He’s resting comfortably and doesn’t seem to be in any pain.  He can’t chew anything for a week, not even food, so it’s soft food for now and no toys.  It’s been several days at this point and he’s handling everything like a champ.

Avery goes in for a checkup on Monday to see how his stitches and gums are healing.   Hopefully we’ll get the all clear that he can at least play with his stuffies again!