Checking In

Avery in the sunIt’s time to check in!  I know that as a blogger we are not supposed to apologize for taking breaks but that always feels very cold to me.  I’m a rule breaker by nature so I’m going to go ahead and apologize.

Sorry for the break!  I have been trying to get a routine down and I think that I’ve finally got one going.  Sort of.

New routines are always hard for me because I like a set schedule.  I get all off balance when my routine is messed with.

Being at these new jobs for a couple of weeks now, I think that I’m starting to get used to everything.

But enough about me! Let’s chat about Avery!

He will be having his last basic obedience class on Sunday.  I don’t know if there is a formal graduation or not but regardless I am proud of him!

Next steps might be taking another class.  I’ll have to talk with the trainer to see if he’s ready and figure out if the next class works in our schedule right now.

Our walking group has not had our first walk yet!  Bummed! But we were waiting for Avery to be done with class first. We have everything ready to go though and we should be having our first walk this month!

I cannot wait to get going and get Avery into a supportive group where we can work on his reactivity.

We will be moving (again) this summer.  Our rental will not be available again and we either need to find a house to buy or find another rental.  With the way the market is right now, my bet is that we are going to have to move into another rental for a year.

Booo!  I always feel displaced in rentals and I really don’t want to have to keep moving.  However it is what it is, so we need to make the best of it.

Plans for the rest of the summer are to try and relax and spend more time outdoors.

How’s your summer going so far?

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