Fun With Bowls

Avery waiting to get his treatAnother game that Avery and I played inside while it was snowing and blowing outside was “find the treat” or “fun with bowls”.

Avery had to use his thinker with this game and one thing that I really enjoy about this game is that you have the ability to make it as hard or as easy as you want depending on your dog’s skill level.

I started off easy with Avery and then we progressed to slightly more challenging.

I used three disposable bowls because that’s what I had on hand.  You could use plastic cups too if you happen to have some.

I put the three bowls down on the ground and had Avery look at them.  Then I placed him in a sit/stay and he watched me put a treat under one of the bowls.

I released him and told him to “go get it”.

Since he saw where I put the treat, this wasn’t too difficult for him to figure out but he did have the challenge of figuring out how to move the bowl so he could get the treat.

We did that for a few times and then I upped the difficulty.

Avery and the bowl game

I put Avery in another room and again put him in a sit/stay.  I placed a treat under one of the bowls but this time he couldn’t see which bowl it was under.

I released him and told him to “go get it”.  This time he had to use his sniffer and his thinker to get the treat.  He had to figure out which bowl had the treat and then figure out how to get the treat.

Because the bowls were disposable, it didn’t matter what he did to them to get the treat.  If they got damaged, no biggie.

Mostly he just moved them around with his nose until the treat was exposed.

He liked this game but just like the last game, he’s got his limits.

Avery and the bowl gameIt wasn’t long before he was done and wondering what else we were going to do.

This was a pretty fun game to play with him!  It gave us a chance to work on sit/stay in a fun setting and finding treats is always a good time.

I’ll probably bust out these games from time to time so he can keep working his thinker.  I may purchase some puzzles for him as well.  Any recommendations for some great puzzles?



  1. That’s a great idea for an easy, inexpensive game. We’ll have to try that with Pyrrha when she’s getting cabin fever!

  2. Einstein the puggle has some games he used for sharpen in thinker. Check with his mom (Lori).

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