Avery in the sunAvery is a graduate!  He graduated from his basic obedience training class a couple of weeks ago.  He did amazing and was even able to sit still for a group photo.

My big boy!

Eventually I’m going to get him signed up for another class so that we can work on minding our manners in different environments.  Right now that class is scheduled on a night I have to work so we can’t attend.  Next session hopefully we can!

We are also getting ready to have our first group walk this week!  We had a brief orientation last Saturday to go over the rules and expectations.  We also had everyone fill out a questionnaire so we can get some background info on their dogs and their training.  We have about six folks and their pooches meeting up for the walk.  Very exciting!

We took Avery to the farmer’s market on Sunday for the first time.  I went and shopped while Scott kept Avery around the perimeter in a nice grassy and shaded area.  Avery did fantastic!  He sat like a good boy and watched everyone shop and go by.

A gentleman walked past and reached out to Avery who handled it like a champ.  Of course he was sad to see the guy go!

There was a dog that walked by and Avery only whined a little bit at the dog.  Progress!  We are working very hard to help him learn his leash manners.  The more situations he gets exposed to, the better he becomes!

And then he did something ridiculous, when I opened the trunk to put away my purchases, he jumped right in and sat down like we did this all the time.

Oh rescue dogs, always learning about their past lives in little snippets.

Life is still going full speed ahead but by summer’s end we are hoping to be more settled!


  1. Yea Avery!! From your second biggest fan (your mom is your first!)

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