Gummy Old Man

Avery post dental surgeryWhen we brought Avery home, one of the first things that I noticed right away was that he is not a big chewer.

He wasn’t interested in chewing hard things like a nylabone for very long and he even really didn’t seem interested in chewing kibble.


Most dogs love to chew stuff and it’s a great workout for them.  It exercises their jaw, is a stress reliever, and is very relaxing for them.

Dogs chew.  Plain and simple.

So when Avery didn’t chew, I suspected something was up with his teeth.

He would play with stuffies and didn’t mind if you touched his mouth.  In fact he loves if you touch his mouth especially during play. He starts making wookie sounds and getting really excited (boxers are vocal dogs so this is normal!).

While playing with him I noticed that one of his front fangs was snapped in half.  That sealed it, I knew that something was going on with his mouth.

At his first vet visit I brought up my concerns and asked the vet to look his mouth over closely.  The vet (who is awesome and so is the clinic) confirmed what I had suspected, Avery had some severe dental issues that needed addressed.

He went in earlier this week, on Monday, for surgery.  The vet was able to take X-rays and get a full look at what was going on in his mouth.

Avery’s canines (the “fangs”) were all worn down with the right top one snapped in half.  A lot of his front teeth are worn down as well.

Most likely the cause of this is from him chewing on something that he shouldn’t have been chewing on.  Think like a chain or perhaps a wire cage.

We already know that Avery didn’t have the best start to life and this confirms our suspicions that he was confined at some point for long periods of time.

The result is that Avery needed to have 7 teeth removed.  The snapped canine had the root exposed and had an abscess behind it.

Then all of his little teeth at the bottom between his two bottom canines were all loose and had abscesses as well.

All his other canines, while worn way down, were fine and just need a little sealant and some bonding.

Poor guy!

When we picked him up that day, the vet’s office gave him a shamrock bandana to wear home because he was such a good boy.  So cute!

He’s resting comfortably and doesn’t seem to be in any pain.  He can’t chew anything for a week, not even food, so it’s soft food for now and no toys.  It’s been several days at this point and he’s handling everything like a champ.

Avery goes in for a checkup on Monday to see how his stitches and gums are healing.   Hopefully we’ll get the all clear that he can at least play with his stuffies again!


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