Healthy Weight

AveryWhen we adopted Avery, he came to us pretty skinny.  Not completely emaciated but close.  You could see all his ribs, his spine, and his hip bones.

In the picture on the left, you can get an idea of how skinny he was.

I thought, “Oh no problem! We can get him fattened up!”

It took us longer than I expected! Avery wasn’t big on eating.  When we first brought him home, he had no interest with eating in the mornings at all and only wanted food starting around 1pm in the afternoon.

Then he would eat dinner and we would give him another small meal (snack) before bed.

It seemed like he only ate when he “had” too, meaning, when he was super hungry.  And more often than not, he didn’t finish a full meal.

We switched kibbles and tried new things. I started adding a veggie mush to the kibble as well.  This guy was never excited about food.

I suspect that had something in part to do with his dental troubles.

However we were able to help him gain weight and now he’s at his healthy weight of about 55 pounds!

Avery, day of adoptionHere’s a “before” picture of him.  You can just make out his spin and hip bones in the picture.

Now an “after”.

Avery_sideviewHe’s starting to fill out nicely and look much more like a proper boxer!

Avery, standingPretty boy!

He has a healthy appetite now and is looking for food as soon as he wakes up in the mornings.  I’ve taken him off of kibble and am slowing switching him to a fresh foods diet.

He’s happy, on the road to being fully healthy, and at a good weight.  Hooray!

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