Hillbilly Raised Dog Feeder

Avery, waiting for food to appearHillbilly might not be the right term here.  Perhaps, “Boozey Suburbanite” would be better?

Either way, Avery is currently using a “raised feeder” for his meals and his water.

My personal opinion for the moment is that larger dogs who can drink and eat out of a raised feeder are more comfortable.  Seeing a larger dog bend and crouch way down just to take a drink, to me, looks awkward and uncomfortable for the dog.

I’m currently researching the benefits of raised feeders and whether it’s a good thing or not.   For now we are using one with Avery.

Well sort of.

You wouldn’t think that I would have a problem finding a raised feeder but, well, I am.

For whatever reason, feeders have become super expensive.  A basic wire feeder that is the height and size that I need is close to $80.

Maybe I’m overreacting but dang, that seems like a really high price for something so basic.

I mean, I’m not looking for anything fancy like a wood stand stained in cherry with his name etched on the side.

He’s too messy for that.

I just want a simple wire stand that is about 11.5 inches high and can hold a 2 quart stainless steel bowl.

Avery Side viewWhat we are using right now is an upside down wine box.  This is where the “Boozey Suburbanite” comes in.

Hey, it works!

It’s 11.5 inches high so it’s the perfect height.  Scott traced one of Avery’s dog bowls on the bottom of the box and then cut a hole out.

Flip the box over so the bottom is on top, and that’s where the bowl goes.

The bowls get placed down on the box and they are stable enough that Avery can’t tip them over when he’s rooting around for more food.

The top is sealed up with packing tape so that it’s “waterproof” and we can wipe it off with out risk of ruining the box.

Avery doesn’t care. That’s where the food and water go so to him it’s perfect.

Meanwhile, we’ll just use this contraption for now and I’ll keep shopping and looking for that elusive feeder.


  1. Pyrrha also eats out of an elevated feeder; I’ve also read that it helps bigger, deep-chested dogs digest and prevent bloat. We found ours at http://www.jefferspet.com but they don’t seem to sell it anymore, which is a shame, because it was only $10! I hope you can find an affordable one soon; they are stupidly expensive.

    • Abby, I love Jeffers Pet! I tend to look to them first for most things but they didn’t have any feeders. I thought for sure they would but oh well, I’ll just keep looking.

  2. For barrel chested dogs it is better for them to use a raised feeder. I wish I would have started Anna out on one because as she got older it would have helped but hindsight.
    If the box works – stick with it.
    Avery seems to approve.

    • Monica, Research is telling me both things. A raised feeder prevents bloat and also that it contributes to bloat. Right now I personally do not believe that it contributes to bloat so that’s why I’m going with it. :D

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