Let’s Whine About It

Avery on the couchAvery has turned into a bit of a whiner.  He’s not a very vocal dog unless it comes to whining and then he pretty much is a rockstar at it.

When we first adopted him, he would whine a little bit if he wanted to do something but wasn’t sure if he could.  Like we knew he wanted to go lay on the couch but he didn’t want to leave our side so he would do a low whine instead.

Not for long, maybe for about a minute or two, then he would give up and lay down.

I can handle that.

But after living with us for a few months I think he’s gotten more comfortable with his surroundings and he’s testing out the waters with what he can get away with.

Because when he wants to do something, like go lay outside in the sun, he’ll just whine and whine and whine.  Or if he thinks it’s time for his walk, he will pout and whine, flopping around like an angsty teen.

We ignore him of course because we don’t to reward that kind of behavior. I admit that I hope this phase doesn’t last long because there are times when I want to tell him to stop with the dramatics.

Do you have a whiney dog?  How do you handle it?


  1. Male Boxers are such drama kings. Eli does that sigh of “OMG why not?”

    • They are! Avery definitely has that sigh as well. And he has perfected the, “FINE! I will do it” sigh too. Haha!

  2. I have a whiney cat. LOL Does that count?

  3. Anna got more vocal with age. She was always giving a stink eye or pouting but she spoke about her blues the older she got. I just ignored her and she would stop. Testing the bounderies.

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