Looking For Something To Do

Avery in the sunIn the mornings, I get up before everyone else does.  Once I’m up and out of bed, Avery can get in the big bed with Scott for snuggles and more sleep.

I go about my morning routine and then around 9ish I wake the boys up.

They are slow to rise but eventually they both get up and come stumbling upstairs.  Avery eats breakfast and then goes for morning potty run.

Then he’s up.  He’s up and he wants to do something! Anything! Let’s play!

And this is the part of the morning I’m struggling with.  Both Scott and I need to do work (we work from home) so we view the time before lunch as “quiet time”.

Avery is dying to do something and he’ll pace around and lay his head on our laps.  Anything for attention.

He can’t go out for a walk yet because his breakfast needs to settle and digest.  I don’t want him playing too hard because I don’t want to risk bloat (boxers and other deep chested dogs can be prone to this).

Normally after a meal when a dog needs to chill for a bit, I would provide them with a bone, like a Nylabone (not the edible kind, ick) or antler.  However Avery’s teeth are horrible from chewing on inappropriate things in his previous life, so chewing is just right out.

I’m wondering if I need to maybe purchase some games and have him work on those while we eat breakfast and get some work done.  Or maybe I need to take him for a walk first thing, before he even has breakfast.  I don’t think he’d like that though, when he gets up he very much wants to eat.

Any suggestions on things Avery can do while we are occupied with work and breakfast?  What is your morning routine like?


  1. Try a few different things. Experiement. See what works for all 3 of you. I would definately say get him some play time if that is how is body clock is going for. Anna slept in the mornings and was more active in the afternoon but she got that from being with me since birth and I worked all day. So when I get home we played and played. But if I were home (holidays or weekend) it was a totally different schedule.

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