More Snow

Avery and Scott in the snowMore snow!  This time it’s completely welcome though! Fort Collins desperately needs the moisture that the snow brings with it.  We already had one wildfire last month due to very dry conditions.  We need to keep that to a minimum!

Last week it was reported that we were going to get hit with a blizzard bringing with it 11 inches of snow and whiteout conditions.

We got maybe an inch of snow.  It was very cold and mighty windy though.

On Monday it was predicated that we would get anywhere from 6-12 inches of snow, total accumulation, starting early Monday morning and continuing through Wednesday.

Well by lunch time on Monday we already had a foot of snow and it was still coming down hard.

We were stuck indoors on Monday so Avery and I worked on some new tricks.  He’s starting to get it but one of them is very challenging for him so it is taking a little bit longer for the concept to sink in.  It is fun watching him try to work out what I’m asking him to do.

We had a little break outside where we played “find it” with treats.  He loves this game so much and since we got a lot more snow this go around, he got to dig in the snow which he found to be very exciting.

It’s Wednesday and the snow is still coming down hard! Weather predictions are that accumulations will be another 8 inches today.  I’m curious to see how much we end up with, this is the most snow we’ve seen since we moved here!

There’s a lot of exciting things going on in Avery’s world right now!  He went to doggie daycare for the first time on Saturday and had a blast being the social gentleman that he is.

This week he will be getting evaluated to make sure he’s in alright condition to take swimming lessons (which I’m sure he is) and then next week he has his first lesson!  Don’t worry, there will be full reports on that!

Also on Sunday Avery starts group obedience classes which I cannot wait for!  Being around other dogs and having to mind his manners is very challenging for him and I know this class will provide great mental stimulation for him.

Lots of fun stuff going on right now!

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