New House, New Routine

New House *Dusting off the cobwebs on this blog*

Sorry to have abandoned you for months, it was totally unintentional. I got caught up in work and moving into our new house.

To be fully honest, it was mostly house stuff that occupied my brain entirely, leaving me with no focus for things like blog entries.

The move seemed dramatic and like the longest move in (our) history.  Seemed to drag on for ages!

But we are here and we are here full time!  Hooray!

Avery handled the move like a champ.  Since he can be an anxious dog at times, I was concerned that all of the boxes, the mess, and the confusion would cause him to become stressed out.

I shouldn’t have worried because he really couldn’t give a flying fig about it.

Since the move was a local one, we were able to make several trips over to the house for inspections, quotes, and to move some things over.  Each time we brought Avery, allowing him to explore and get excited about “the new place”.

He adjusted really well and when the furniture arrived, he was like, “Oh we’re living here now?  Cool.”  He got used to the new house and the new routine very easily.

Avery in the backyardHe has a fully fenced in backyard to run around in and to sun bath in.  He loves it and loves being outside.

He even seems more relaxed in this space.  Maybe because we are more relaxed and he’s picking up on that? Or maybe it’s just because, like us, he knows this is “home”.

We are settled now though still working on getting boxes unpacked and stuff put away.  With major life changes done for a bit (I hope!), I’m working on creating a routine that allows me some time to blog regularly again.  Looking forward to sharing our journey with Avery and the new adventures in our neighborhood!



  1. Your new house is SO cute! I am really jealous. :) I am sure Avery loves it too!

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