No Days Off

Avery and Scott practicing loose leash walkingWhen you have a dog who has some reactivity issues, you cannot take a day off or slack in training.

And there will be days that you want to.

“Gosh I’m tired. Do we really have to go on a walk?”

The answer is, yes, yes you do.

Because if you slack in training then there’s the possibly that your dog will backslide.  One step forward, two steps back kind of deal.

Currently the only times Avery doesn’t get a walk is if the weather is really bad outside.  Snowing, raining (rare), or really cold.

He doesn’t enjoy the super cold weather so I don’t walk him in it.  Even though all of our walks are training walks, I want them to be enjoyable for him.

Fort Collins doesn’t see a lot of bad weather so we are out almost everyday for our walks.  Sometimes they are short and sometimes they are a bit longer.  But each day we are outside and doing something.

The more routine it becomes and the more we expose Avery to different things, the more comfortable he becomes and that’s our main goal.

How about you, do you go on walks everyday?


  1. Yes, everyday, rain or shine. My boxer is great, but my pug gets weird around some dogs while on a leash. She’s fine at the dog park, though, which is why I guess it’s the leash that causes her reaction.

    • Amy Marie, what do you mean by she gets weird? Does she start to bark and stuff at other dogs while out on your walks.

  2. Daisy gets multiple walks a day, except for the days when it’s pouring buckets!! And on nice summer days we’ll even go on crazy long multi hour hikes.
    Truth be told we live along the Seawall – it’s so walking friendly and filled with stunning views! In fact we chose this neighbourhood in large part for Daisy!

    • TG, that’s great! Since we’re getting into warmer weather, the times Avery can be out for a walk are pretty limited. Once the weather is cooler we can go out a little more often.

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