Play Dates

Avery and Clover in the backyardAfter having Avery tested and knowing for certain he is awesome around other dogs, I’m interested in finding him some buddies for a playgroup session.

Avery loves other dogs so much and he would greatly benefit from having some doggie pals of his own.

I’ve researched some daycare options here and found one that I think will suit him.

However I would like him to have some friends that we could host or maybe rotate hosting spots for little play sessions.

Most boxers like to wrestle, body slam, and of course box.  Avery is no exception, but he does a really great job of reading other dog’s body language and figuring out their play style.  If they don’t want to wrestle, he doesn’t force the issue and he’ll gladly play their way.

This is exciting because it means that Avery has the chance of making a wide variety of friends and get to experience playing in different ways.

Avery and Clover in the snowNow how to go about finding folks interested in a playgroup?  Do I put up a personal ad?

Mature Male Brindle Boxer

Seeking male or female companionship

Must be willing to share water bowls and not be afraid to romp on the first date.

Contact my mom to set up a time for us to meet.

If you and your dog participate in small playgroups, how did you go about finding them?


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  1. Great idea to have play dates. Do you have any dog parks nearby? Perhaps you can find some friends there who can become regular ‘players’!

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    • We do have some parks! Dog parks make me a little nervous but perhaps I can find a good one where the owners pay attention to their dogs and act in a responsible manner. This area is so dog friendly that I’m sure there are some around!

  2. Love that Avery is enjoying playing with other dogs! It’s so fun to watch.

    Pyrrha has lots of play-dates with friends in our yard. I think it takes a lot of testing? Just finding out what other dogs are a good match. We invited tons of friends’ dogs over (friendly ones, of course!), and she’s narrowed it down to about three or four favorites. It also helps to have dog owners who understand how YOUR dog plays, and that Avery’s boxing or Pyrrha’s big teeth don’t equal aggression! That’s been helpful. (For that reason, I’ve gravitated toward other big-dog people or other GSD owners, because they understand how these dogs play!)

    Good luck! Looking forward to seeing more photos!

    • Abby, yes definitely! It’s so nice when other owners understand that dogs have different play styles and some are even very vocal when they play! Avery does well with little dogs but I really want him to get some play time in with bigger dogs that will wrestle with him.

      Great idea with inviting other dog owners over! Avery isn’t territorial at all so I think that I’m going to look into this a little more and see if some folks would like to come over.

  3. Play dates are awesome! We think keeping it small with one or two furiends is perfect. Stanzie likes other terriers best…Wyatt likes small dogs and all dogs who aren’t too bossy!

    • Hi Wyatt, thanks for stopping by! I love your tips and will definitely keep the playgroups small. I would love for Avery to make some friends and it would help us to meet some folks in the area as well!

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