Playgroup Testing

Avery at Longmont PlaygroupYesterday was a big day for our Avery! We got up bright and early to make the trip down to Longmont Humane Society for a playgroup testing session.

Longmont Humane Society is a large shelter just outside of Denver. They have an amazing behavioral department filled with skilled workers and handlers.  They will work with you to help you figure out what kinds of situations your dog can handle and what they possibly cannot.

We wanted to test Avery out with multiple dogs in a playgroup type setting to see how he would do.

He’s already had success with meeting and playing with another dog.  But a playgroup setting is different and can be overstimulating for a dog.  We wanted to see how well he would handle himself and to make 100% sure that he doesn’t have issues with dogs and that his on-leash reactivity is all frustration at wanting to play vs. aggression.

Setting him in a controlled environment with skilled trainers was the best way for us to do that.

Avery at Longmont Play Group

Avery did amazing and was a total rockstar yesterday! He handled all the dogs really well and if they didn’t want to play, he didn’t force the issue.

He was tested with females, young males, just neutered males, and also little dogs.  He loved them all and didn’t have issues with any of them.

He backed off if the dogs didn’t seem to want to interact and he took appropriate play breaks as well.

There was a little chihuahua that when he first entered the room was a little overwhelmed and barked his fool head off right in Avery’s face.  Barking, air snapping, the whole big-man routine.   Avery just looked at him and then walked away.

Avery at Longmont playgroupWe’re so proud of Avery! And now we are starting the research of finding a great daycare around town that we can take him to a couple of times a week.

Hooray Avery!


  1. Yea Avery. Such a good boy.

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