Remembering Rocky

RockyRocky was the first dog that Scott and I adopted together.  He was five months old when we adopted him from a backwoods shelter in North Carolina. He had a bit of a rough start to life.  He was found by animal control and dropped off at the shelter.

When we adopted him, the day we brought him home we had to take him right to the emergency vet.  He was diagnosed with parvo.  He spent the weekend at the vet hooked up to some serious antibiotics.  He pulled through and then we were faced with having to help him recover from pneumonia.

The first few months of his life he spent sleeping as he recovered from those intense illnesses.

When we adopted him, the shelter told us he was a boxer.  He certainly had the markings of a boxer so we didn’t think much of it.  When he reached adulthood and only stood about two feet tall, had a bigger blockier head along with a massive chest, we knew that something else was mixed in.  He had the personality of a boxer and the stubby body of a pit bull, because of this we are pretty sure he was a boxer-pit mix.


He is completely responsible for us falling in love with both the boxer and pit-bull breed.  Because of him we are huge pit-bull advocates and completely against BSL laws.

As you can imagine, Rocky was our baby and our life for the 11 years that he was with us.

He taught us so much about what it means to be a responsible dog owner.  We fell more in love with dogs and always want to have a dog in our lives.  This site isn’t only about Avery but is also dedicated to Rocky.  He was a huge influence in our life and completely responsible for helping us be better dog owners.

Me and Rocky