Snow Paths

Avery in the snowThe beginning of this week we were blessed with more snow.  I think the estimation was that we were to get 8 inches of snow this go around, but thankfully we only ended up with about 6 inches.

One of the things that we make sure to do is create shoveled paths in the backyard for Avery.

This gives him space to wander around the backyard and have a cleared area where he can go potty.

It helps a lot because it means that Avery isn’t walking around in a bunch of snow just to use the bathroom.  And he’s not soaked through when he comes back in the house.

Personally, I feel it would be unfair of us to ask him to have to go to the bathroom out in a bunch of snow.

The previous snowfall, dumped 22 inches of the white stuff in our backyard. I wouldn’t want to have to walk out and stick my bum in that much snow just to use the bathroom.

Would you?

Older dogs and puppies benefit from shoveled paths as well.  Older dogs don’t move around as easily and having to walk through a bunch of snow can be difficult for them and hard on their joints.  Puppies are small and sometimes can’t manage going through a bunch of snow.

For little dogs, it should be a given.  Clear out areas where they can go to the bathroom so they don’t have to submerge their whole body into a snow pile.

My husband will shovel multiple paths around the backyard so that Avery can walk backyard and explore.  The area where Avery likes to go potty has the biggest clearing.  Our backyard isn’t huge so shoveling the paths doesn’t take a large amount of time.

The paths can usually be cleared in the time it takes Avery to go out and do his business.

It took only a short time before Avery picked up the concept of the paths and used those to walk around the backyard instead of trying to plow through everything.  Shoveled paths makes the snow and cold weather a little more tolerable. I can tell Avery appreciates the effort because it shows on his face as he prances back up to the house using one of the paths.

So if you live in an area where it snows, take a moment to clear some paths for your dog so they have room to go potty.  Your dog will love you for it.

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