Snuggle Trap

Avery SnugglingScott and I were in two different parts of the house chatting via Skype (What, don’t all married couples do that?) and this was our most recent conversation.

Me: Are you ready for your second cup of coffee?

Him: Yes!

Me: Can you make it? I’m stuck.

Him: Snuggle trap?

Me: YES! Snuggle trap!

Avery’s most favorite thing to do is to lay with you.  Snuggle and be as close as possible to you.  If you’re on the couch then he wants to be on the couch right on top of you.

I admit that both of us love this right now.  Rocky snuggled a little but Avery wins the gold medal.

Avery will full on pass out on you.  You can move him around, lift his head up, and have him switch positions all without him even waking up.

He doesn’t care as long as he’s on the couch with you.

Standing up he’ll lean on you with all of his body weight.

Touching you and being next to you is the most important thing in the world.

Love snuggle traps!


  1. That is so sweet. Snuggle trap. Anna loved to lean (dobermans lean) and she loved to be next to me but never on my lap. Just right beside me everywhere!

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