Social Life

Avery in a life vestAvery is starting to get a pretty busy social life and I love it.  I’m pretty sure he’s even busier than we are!

Avery had his first swimming lesson on Friday.  It was crazy, hilarious, and had several “awww” moments.  More on that later this week!

We’ve also been taking him to doggie daycare on Saturdays.  The staff loves him and since it’s a weekend there are fewer dogs there so the atmosphere is a lot more chill.

It provides us with the perfect opportunity to explore Fort Collins and the surrounding areas.  Since we’re new and just moved here last August, we’re still discovering what all Northern Colorado has to offer.

He has his obedience class on Sunday evenings and yesterday was class #2.  The first class he was really reactive with the dogs in the class.  Being whiny and pulling on the leash to meet them.  This class he was way more mellow.  He reacted at first and then he calmed down and pretty much ignored them unless a dog came too close.

He’s doing so well and with our walking group getting started next month, I think we will be able to get his reactivity under control and easily managed.  The more he’s exposed to dogs and understands he needs to remain calm, the better he will get.

Avery is off to doggie daycare again today!  I want him to get some great outside time before it rains and snows again this week.  Blech.

How was your weekend?



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