Spring Time

Avery smelling charcoal Happy Spring!  The sun is shining and the birds are singing.  This is our first Spring in Colorado and it’s a little different than what we’re used to.

I can tell it’s Spring because the birds are singing more and the geese are starting to pair up and go off for a little QT.  Big indicators that the weather is about to change.

However in Ohio I would have seen some starts on trees and possibly some flowers starting to pop up by this point.  Here everything is still brown and dead looking.  Eeep!

We hope to do more grilling and chilling outside this year.  With Avery being so laid back while he’s in the backyard that means we can all be outside enjoying the sun and warm weather together.

I’ll get him an outside dog bed so he has a comfy spot to lay on if he doesn’t want to lay in the grass.

I look forward to mornings and evenings spent outside!

Is the weather changing where you are?  Do you have outdoor space that you can enjoy?


  1. We got 14 inches of snow yesterday in one day. I would be happy to see dead grass at this point!

  2. It has been cold in Nashville. Meh.
    I am doing a 5k tomorrow and it will be cold.
    Bring on the sunshine and warmer weather.

  3. Yay for spring! I am jealous; it still hasn’t reached us yet in Virginia (we got snow yesterday, which is bumming me out). But Pyrrha LOVES the snow, so I guess I can’t complain too much. That’s so nice that Avery is so relaxed and happy in the yard!

    • Abby, We got slammed with snow the next day! Ha! Thankfully the weather is warming up and the snow is melting. All the birdies are chirping so I know that spring is in the air!

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