Sun Dog

Avery laying in the sunAvery loves the sun.  Loves. It.  I feel so bad for him too because our rental barely gets any sun during the day.

The house unfortunately faces north and south with only one pathetic window on the west side.

This window along with a window that faces south are Avery’s only source of sunlight through out the day.

Sometimes he’ll pace and whine a little bit if the sun isn’t around.  Maybe it’s a cloudy day or maybe it isn’t time for the sun to hit the room just yet.

On occasion he’ll ask to go outside just so he can lay in the sun.

He follows the sun around the living room and has no issues getting into the weird spots.

Avery in the sun on the loveseatSometimes we have to remove the cushions off the back of the loveseat so he can get more sun.

Avery SleepingLaying in the sun is the best ever!

I do wish that we had a sunnier house.  Avery isn’t the only one who likes a nice bright room.

Avery in the sunUntil then, we’re just going to have to make do with the little sunbeam that we do get.

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