Sunday Sun

Avery in the backyardSunday showed up with the most amazing weather.  It was warm, sunny, and no breezes to muck things up.

We decided to have a lazy day and enjoy the weather as best we could.

We started off the morning laying in the sun and drinking coffee.  Then we had some lunch and went back outside to hang out some more.

We did take the chance to work on Avery’s down/stay for a couple of minutes making a game out of it.  Never pass up an opportunity to train and make it fun!

He also got to run around the yard and enjoy himself.

Avery mid-run

I’m pretty pleased I was able to snap a picture of him mid-run!  Whooo!

Then we grilled out and spent the rest of the evening outside until the sun went down.  It was lovely!  We are all very much ready for spring and summer.  I’m also ready to see some green! Tired of all the brown and blah.

How was the weather for you over the weekend? Did you get to enjoy some outside time?


  1. So cute! What a great motion shot. We spent the weekend at my parents’ house, and Pyrrha got tons of attention, walks, and play time with the neighbor’s lab mix, so she was happy!

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