The Heat Is On

Avery laying in the sunThe temps are starting to warm up here in Fort Collins and seem to be staying consistently warm-ish.  Because of this we have to take extra precautions while we’re outside with Avery.

When he’s out in the yard laying in the sun, he regulates how much sun he gets pretty well.  If he gets hot, he’ll get up and either lay on the patio or go lay in some shade.

Once I feel like he’s had a good amount of “outside” time, I’ll bring him back in the house for a little while.

Walks are what we need to watch the most and we monitor Avery to make sure he doesn’t get too hot.

Because Avery has a squishy face (he technically falls into the brachycephalic category of dogs), it makes it really difficult for him to breathe in extreme temperatures.

In my experience with boxers (and pitties), heat seems to effect them a lot more than cold weather in terms of breathing difficulty.

Avery can get very hot and thirsty when out on walks if the sun is shining bright and it’s warm out.  His daily walks have now moved to early mornings when the sun is just starting to come up or isn’t very high in the sky yet.

We make sure to have water with us on walks and we take breaks in the shade if he needs it.  We also will immediately take him home if we realize that he seems to be getting too hot.

We do not want Avery to over-heat, suffer from heat exhaustion or heat stroke.  Because he’s got darker fur and he doesn’t tolerate the heat very well those things can quickly become reality for him.

We try to avoid that at all costs.

A few things that you can do during the hot months for your doggie:

  • Always carry water and a bowl for them to drink out of.
  • Bring bandanas that you can soak in water and tie around their necks.
  • Keep an eye on them. If your dog is tired and doesn’t want to go, don’t force them.
  • Don’t leave your dog tied up outside in the sun with no shade.
  • Remember that pavement and streets can get hot and will burn the pads on their feet.
  • Walk in the mornings or evenings when the sun isn’t the strongest.
  • Have cool treats for them when you get back home.

How are you handling the hotter weather? Do you change your schedule around at all because of it?

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  1. Slimdoggy says:

    Great tips for keeping your pet safe during the summer heat. All to often we don’t think about these things, good to remind everyone. Thanks for joining our blog hop.

  2. Michele says:

    My dog is very heat sensative as well. When we get home from our evening walk she gets her favorite ice cubes made with 1/2 kefir and 1/2 water. She loves this ritual and relaxes very nicely afterwards.

  3. Ah yes . . . puppies in the summer heat! In our case, we make extra sure to keep water on us for Daisy – especially because we like to take her with us on hikes.

    I’ve never heard of the bandana trick but I’m going to have to try it!

    Another big one for us is keeping her shaved during the warmer weather. She tends to have quite cute and fluffy fur but that’s no good when it gets hot. So currently she’s rocking her summer look! Besides, it’s easier to keep clean and less stuff (think burrs) sticks to it!

    But on the whole she’s not super sensitive to the heat so we don’t have to change our walking schedule. Besides, we tend to go out in the morning and in the evenings anyways! :)

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