Treats In The Snow

Avery looking for a treatWhen we were finally able to be outside again after it stopped snowing last weekend, it was time to play some games in all the new snow!

Scott shovels paths in the backyard so that Avery has room to walk around and clear places to go potty.

This gives us big snowpiles that are great for jumping over and also perfect to hide treats.

The is the third mental game that I did with Avery over our snowy weekend.

I took some small but hefty treats outside with us and had Avery dig them out of the snow.  By hefty, I mean they had some weight to them this way they would sink down in the snow when I tossed them.

Avery’s sniffer isn’t the best so I had him watch me toss the treats so he knew exactly where they landed.  The snow was soft and the treats would sink down a little bit once they landed.

It was up to Avery to seek them out and get his treat!  First he would look and gingerly sniff to where he saw the treat land.

Avery digging in the snowThen he would face-plant in the snow and start digging where the treat landed.  He had to use his snout to push the treat back up to the surface so he could eat it.

Of course, once he resurfaced he had a face full of snow.

Avery snowface

Avery loved this game and we were able to be outside and play for a while.  Then we ran around and hopped some snow mounds.  He was pooped and ready for naptime when we went back inside.

Check out the other ways we had Avery use his thinker, with a shoebox and some bowls.

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