Weekend Sun

Avery sitting in the sunI wish that I had some more pictures to share with you from the weekend because it was a lovely one.

We had some more awesome spring weather and we fully enjoyed that to the max!

Avery’s favorite thing right now is to go out after breakfast and lay in the sun in the backyard.

He’s never outside unsupervised (ever) so we’ll pack up the laptops and head outside to be with him.

On Saturday we got to enjoy some alone time and headed out to some breweries.  Avery was tucked in his crate with a stuffed frozen kong and we were off to enjoy the weather and some local brews.

Sunday was an all around relaxing day.  We enjoyed a sunny morning but sadly that gave way to overcast skies.

Now our spring weather looks more like this.

Avery in his jacketIt’s snowing and blowing.  The weather forecast predicted 8-11 inches of snow but thankfully that doesn’t seem to be the case.  We only have maybe half an inch by this point but it is super cold with high winds!

Here’s hoping we get our spring weather back this weekend!

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