Winter Redux

Avery in the snowJust as we started talking about spring, winter came back like a bad habit.  It started snowing on Friday and by Saturday morning we were seeing accumulation and a pretty significant down-pouring of snow.

I turned on the fireplace and made a full pot of strong coffee.

I was wondering how the pup was going to do in this weather because Avery tends to be very picky about snow.

It took some convincing to get him out that morning and even more convincing to stay out long enough to go #2.  He was less than pleased.

Avery doesn’t mind snow but when it’s actively snowing a lot and there’s a wind to go with it, he’d rather pass on experiencing it.  Thanks so much.

This meant that we had to stay inside all snug on Saturday and do some mental games to keep us from being bored to tears.

In total we got about 8 inches of snow which is the most snow we’ve gotten at one time this year so far.  I hope it’s the last but who knows, apparently Fort Collins weather is even more crazy than Columbus, Ohio’s weather.

By Sunday it was done snowing and it was fun to be outside again!

Avery and Scott in the snowThe backyard was shoveled to make paths so that Avery could walk around and have places to go potty without having to stick his bits in a snowdrift.  I always feel bad for dogs when the owners make them go out in a bunch of snow to go potty. One of the dogs that lives behind us is a little shihzu looking munchkin and I have no idea how he manages in this much snow.

With snow in the backyard and only a couple of paths to run, this of course makes a less than perfect zoomie environment.  Poor Avery was reduced to doing zoomies in the house this weekend.

Avery zoomie with toyAvery ZoomieSo we did zoomies and played some mental games until we wore ourselves out.

Avery cuddles How was your weekend? Did you see any new snow in your neck of the woods?



  1. ha – my cat still runs around like a mad thing. I call it kitty rodeo. Which is then accompanied by cat yodelling. ;)

  2. He does not look disappointed at all about having to do indoor zoomies. :D


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