Worn Out

Avery SleepingLast week was a pretty big one for Avery!  Last weekend he went to his first doggie daycare session and it was a great success.

He was a little confused at first but once he realized that he was there to play and socialize with other dogs, he got right down to business.

This past Friday he was seen by a rehabilitation doctor just to have a brief checkup to see if he would be able to take swimming lessons.

Yes that’s right, I’m taking Avery swimming!  He seems fascinated by water and so I want to see if swimming would be something he actually enjoys.  I found a place here in Fort Collins for swim lessons and I’ll give you all the details next week.  He has his first lesson this coming Friday and we’re all pretty excited about it!

So that means he did pass his assessment and has been cleared to swim.  However during his check-up it was brought to our attention that he is having some pain and discomfort from his arthritis.  And that’s he’s already compensating for it.

This bummed me out.  Our vet had noticed some arthritis starting to develop in his lower back but we were under the impression that it was very early stages.  His checkup with the rehab specialist showed us that it’s a little farther along than we thought.  She also asked if he had been confined for long periods of time.  I don’t know since he’s a rescue but I am assuming that he has.

That very brief 15 minute checkup wore him out for the rest of the day.  I could tell he didn’t feel good and when we got home, he slept on the couch for the remainder of the day.

My poor mushface.

Swimming isn’t supposed to tax him or aggravate his arthritis but I will definitely keep a close eye on him during and afterwards.

He’s already on fish oil but I’m going to add some other supplements in as well to promote joint health.  I’m also researching rehab places around town so that we can help him work through it and get his back muscles strong again.  I may also look into some massage to see if that will help release some tension in his back.

In good news, Avery had his first group obedience class last night!  He did amazing!  Yes he was whiney and wanted to see the other dogs so he was reacting a bit.  However it wasn’t extreme, we were able to get him to focus on us and listen to commands.  He did so well and this is such a great experience for him.  He’s learning his manners and that he can’t always go see other dogs.

It’s really mentally challenging for him to remember to stay calm and be cool which is exactly what he needs right now.  Both of us were worn out after class and crashed on the couch!

So lots of great things happening in Avery’s life right now! Some good and some not so good but we are taking it in stride and doing the best we can with the situation we are in.


  1. How old is Avery? My boxer Maggie is 8 and (just) beginning to show signs of her age. She generally runs around like a puppy, but when she’s been lying around for a while, she’s pretty stiff. We tried some meds, but they affected her stomach.

    • Hi Amy Marie, We think that he is maybe between 4-5 years old. He’s a rescue so we aren’t sure of his exact age. I’ll be getting supplements that are easy on his system. I can let you know if you’re interested. :)

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